Milford NH Democrats

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Amherst / Milford Democrats Picnic July 20th!
Come meet fellow Dems and our candidates!

Our Platform

Lowering costs for Granite Staters 

Provide permanent property tax relief. Stop downshifting costs to our counties, cities and towns.

Growing New Hampshire’s Economy

Develop solutions to address our housing and childcare crises. Increase the minimum wage.

Maintaining Healthy Communities

Increase access to affordable healthcare, including mental health.

Protecting our Rights and Freedoms 

Protect reproduction rights. Maintain free, fair and efficient elections.

Preventing gun violence

Enact common sense gun safety laws like mandatory background checks.

Bolstering Public Education 

Fund our public schools fairly and equitably. Increase transparency and limit damage caused by education freedom accounts.

State Representatives

Maria Perez (Independent)

Vanessa Sheehan (Republican)

Bill King (Republican)

State Senate

Executive Council

David Wheeler (Republican)

Federal Congress

US Senate

US House of Representatives